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In order to ensure the protection of the user's personal data, privacy and user rights, the Keelung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare will use the user's personal data during the website browsing process. In accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the following matters shall be notified:

First, the purpose and method of collection
The purpose of the collection is to conduct user management, internal statistical investigation and analysis (legal specific purpose item number is 006 public relations, 037 customer management, 060 statistical survey and analysis, 065 database system and management.) The collection method will be added to the collection of personal data by means of activities, talent seeking, etc.

Second, personal data collection categories
Personal data collected by the hospital on the website includes
(1) C001 identifies personal data: such as the user's name, address, telephone, email and other information.
(2) C002 identifies financial data: such as credit card or transfer account information.
(3) C003 identities information in the government data: such as ID card number or passport number (foreigner).
(4) C011 personal description: such as gender, nationality, date of birth.
(5) C021 family state: such as marital status, with or without children.
(6) C038 occupation: such as school principals, teachers or other occupations.

Third, the utilization period, region, target and method
(1) Period: During your treatment at the hospital.
(2) Region: The user's personal data will be used in Taiwan.
(3) Utilization target and method: The user's personal data collected will be used in the hospital search query for the activity management of the hospital.

Fourth, the rights of users' personal data
If the user entrusts personal data to the hospital, the following rights can be exercised according to the Computer-Processed Personal Information Protection Law:
(1) Enquiry or request for browsing.
(2) Request a copy.
(3) Request supplementation or correction.
(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing.
(5) Request deletion.
(6) The user can call TEL: 886-2-24292525 to contact the customer service of the hospital for application.

TELĄG02-24292525 FAXĄG02-24223250
AddressĄGNo. 268, Xin 2nd Rd., Xinyi Dist., Keelung City 201, Taiwan (R.O.C.) E-MailĄGdire01@kln.mohw.gov.tw
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