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Advanced Health Check-Health Check Precautions


1, Please make an appointment in advance for the medical examination time.On the medical amination day, if you can not on time for the appointment date, please call us as early as possible.

2, Health check-up day please check in time according to scheduled time, and be sure to carry an identity card, health insurance card to check identity.

3, Do not carry valuables, and please wear light clothing, casual shoes.

4, (1) Before you take sampling for fecal occult blood test before the first three days do not eat raw cold meat, visceral (pig liver, pig heart), blood-bearing products (e.g. pig blood cake, duck blood cake), carrots, tomatoes, vitamin C, vitamin preparations, iron, aspirin, so as not to affect the inspection report.

(2) A few days before the inspection, you can first go to the health management center to get the fecal occult blood test sampling tube, and on the day of the inspection to the hospital to submit. (If the sampling tube cannot be picked up early before the examination day, samples can be taken on the same day or brought backm And if you brought back, please submit within 3 days so as not to affect the inspection report time)

5, Please do the Urine test when you in the health managemant center, women avoid do the urine test during the physiological period time.
Urine Retention method: urine test should leave the middle section of urine sent for examination (before urinating to remove some, collect the middle section of urine. )

6, Before the examination day, after 12:00 a.m to start fasting, (when thirsty, please gargle instead), empty stomach until the day of the inspection.

7, From January 1, 2017 will no longer provide breakfast vouchers, please bring your own meals. (Can be eaten after a blood test or an abdominal ultrasound)

8, In the event of natural disasterors or other irresistible factors, the Health Management Center may cancel the health check-up at its discretion, or arrange other date.

9, The report will be sent by post about two weeks after the medical amination day(or you can be self-retrieved).

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