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Respiratory Care Ward


¡° History
In view of the long-term dependence on respirators, a complete respiratory care system is needed to provide patients with proper medical care and to reduce the burden on their families.
We uphold the core values ​​of hospital : smile, sweet mouth, soft waist, agile,providing complete medical care services for patients with respirator dependence, to become the most trusted hospital in Keelung.
The "Respiratory Care Ward" was established in August 2002. Under the leadership of the director of the Department of Thoracic Surgery Fushun Cai, the respiratory care team has taken shape.
Good environment¡G
The ward is located on the second floor and has a total of 20 beds in the exclusive respiratory care unit. There are two or three independent wards with good lighting. It can provide patients and their family comfortable and humane environment.
High quality equipment¡G
There are central air conditioning, oxygen, air and suction equipment and emergency power-off and power -supply system that provides a patient-safe medical space.
Appropriate equipment:
Evaluate patient's condition in advance and then provide the suitable equipment like intensive respirator.
High medical standards¡G
The nurses, respiratory therapist, nutritionists, senior nurses, social workers are led by the director of the thoracic specialist Fushun Cai. They take care of the disease with a loving and patient attitude. The professional nursing aide provides the patient with cleaning body. Attentive care can make patients like home. We provide high-quality care that patients and their families get the most peace of mind.
Complete support¡G
Internal medicine, surgical, cardiology, gynecology, anesthesia, ophthalmology, dentistry, Chinese-medicine department, radiology department, dialysis center, rehabilitation and other consultations or treatments provide patients with more complete treatment care.
Whole-person care: Family symposiums are held occasionally.
Social care: Social groups are invited to give physical and mental care and financial support.
¡°Hospitalization condition
Patient who was unable to leave the respirator after being hospitalized in the intensive care unit or acute ward for more than one month, and be evaluated by a respiratory therapist or a thoracic physician.
Patients with long-term respirator compliance who are identified by the Health and Welfare Department can be hospitalized.
¡°Hospitalization process
The hospital will send staff to the referral unit, hospital or telephone to discuss the disease and care.
¡÷Those who meet the conditions for admission will be admitted to the hospital and arranged for the bed.
¡÷Arrange an ambulance and a respiratory therapist to take a case.
¡÷Transfer to unit.
¡÷We will arrange for patient admission to do routine treatment.
¡÷Their family goes through the hospitalization procedures.
According to the provisions of the Health Insurance Regulations, patients with major injury cards are exempted part of the medical fee. Health insurance does not pay for expensive drugs or special consumables

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