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Operating room


Operating room introductionĄG
The operating room was established in the era of Japanese occupation. In 1997, it was moved to the third floor of the emergency building. There are 5 operating rooms in the operating room, providing outpatient, emergency, and inpatient operations, and adopting a full-time surgical care mode to enable each patient to obtain physical and social support and care.
The director is composed of one attending physician and 17 professional nurses.
Unit features
1. Provide full-time treatment visits to reduce anxiety in surgical patients.
2. Provide pre-operative care in the waiting area
3. Provide on-the-job training and teaching environment for full-time surgery to let staffs' professional care ability improved.
4. Use patient-centered surgery for full-time care, so that the surgical patient during the whole process of surgery can understand the physiological and psychological reactions caused by surgery to protect patients from being infection and maintaining the integrity of the patient's skin and avoid high risk of injury. Safe and comfortable to go through the surgery is the most important thing.
5. The operating room is an unspeakable hero who works hard for the patient's life and health for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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