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Psychiatric Day Ward


[Introduction to the psychiatric day ward]
1. Established a total of 20 beds in 1988
2. There are 100 beds in 1995
3. There are 125 beds in 1998
4. There are 175 beds in 1999
5. Moved into Spirit Building 5F in October, 2004
[Psychiatric day ward staffing]
1. 1 psychiatric director
2. 3 Physicians
3. 1 head nurse
4. 7 nursing staff
5. 4 methadone-master nurses
6. 6 occupational therapists
7. 4 social workers
8. 4 psychologists
9. 4 temporary workers
[Psychiatric day ward unit features]
Psychiatric Day Care Provides patient-centered chronic psychiatric patients with stable symptoms during the day to receive continuous rehabilitation treatment. Return home and family and friends at night and on holidays. Mainly train patients' self-care ability and enhance interpersonal interaction to promote social adaptation. And work skills, to avoid the phenomenon of laziness, interpersonal retreat, no life goals, no social life in the future.Ąiservice hoursĄj
Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am - 12:00 noon (holiday rest)
Ą°Contact number: (02) 24,925,525 to 8501, 8502, 8505, 8506

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