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Group of hematology and blood bank


1. Fully automatic hematology analyzer Sysmex: XN-3000:
The XN-3000 configuration includes two XN analysis modules and a high-quality, fully-integrated slide maker and stainer module, our SP-10 unit. This offers great productivity while taking up minimal space. The XN-3000 also has the excellent Extended information-processing unit (IPU) on board as standard that can intelligently route and control your sample and data workflow.
The XN-3000 has a single point of entry and a single point of exit. Reflex testing occurs within the same loop, and before samples pass the SP-10 module. Sample racks are then sent to the SP-10 module where the samples needing a smear are removed. Like extended measurements, smears are only initiated if they offer additional diagnostic value. The analysis profile is extended automatically to include smear-making and staining, but you may also order this up front, for instance with known special samples.
2. Fully automatic ESR analyzer :Alifax Roller 20PN
(1) Automatic or manual sampling from uncapped tubes.
(2)Internal rotor with 20 positions for standardized mixing and testing.
(3)100 µl EDTA manual sample; 100 µl min. sample in tube.
(4)175 µl EDTA automated sample.
(5)LCD touch screen display.
6.User-friendly software.
7.Automatic washing system.
8.Latex controls.

3.Total Bilirubin Meter for Neonates: APEL BR-5200P
(1)BR-5200P does not need a lamp replacement thanks to the LED light source.
(2)The dual wavelength measuring method of BR-5200P eliminates interference of hemolysis and turbidity.
(3)Very quick measurementĄGMax. one second measurement time.
(4)Once BR-5200P is calibrated, no more daily calibration is required.

4. Fully automatic blood coagulation analyzer: Sysmex CS-1600
(1) Great routine analyser with a broad portfolio special out of the testing.
(2)Proven, reliable technology performance with advanced CS-technology.
(3)Sample integrity testing to protect result quality from pre-analytical variables.
(4)Minimal need for hands-on maintenance.
(5)Traceability for operation history and results.
(6)Up to 120 tests / h (PT); Sample tube loading capacity: 50 tubes.

5. Blood plasma thawing system (warming cabinet) Hotech Model BBW-6000
HOTECH Plasma Thawing System BBW-6000 is an electronic, fully dry closed heating chamber device that is primarily used as a blood transfusion or infusion for the defrosting and heating of liquids (e.g. plasma, blood, infusion) in bags or bottles. When using the liquid bag or bottle container and other items placed in the heating compartment in the middle of the 2 soft plastic heating mat, through the heating pad flow liquid heat transfer to the bag, bottle liquid, blood bag and the liquid in the system completely without direct contact, for dry indirect heating to achieve the purpose of thawing and insulation.
Product use:
(1) Heating of whole blood and blood preparations.
(2)Thaw and heat frozen plasma.
(3)Defrosting and heating of stem cells.
(4)Infusion of non-variable drugs and heating and insulation of surgical supplies.

Fully automatic hematology analyzer Sysmex: XN-3000
  • Fully automatic hematology analyzer Sysmex: XN-3000
  • (Upper Left)Fully automatic ESR analyzer Roller 20PN<br>(Upper Right)Total ilirubin Meter for Neonates: APEL BR-5200P
  • (Upper Left)Fully automatic ESR analyzer Roller 20PN
    (Upper Right)Total ilirubin Meter for Neonates: APEL BR-5200P
  • Blood plasma thawing system(warming cabinet) Hotech Model BBW-6000
  • Blood plasma thawing system(warming cabinet) Hotech Model BBW-6000
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