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Group of biochemistry


1. Fully automatic biochemical analyzer: 2 Beckman Coulter DXC 700AU.
Inspecting item: Glucose¡BBUN¡BCreatinine¡BUric acid¡BCholesterol¡BTriglyceride¡BHDL-C¡BLDL-C¡BTotal protein¡BAlbumin¡BTotal bilirubin¡BDirect bilirubin¡BALT¡BAST¡BAlkaline phosphatase¡B£^-GT¡BLDH¡BCK¡BAmylase¡BLipase¡BSodium¡BPotassium¡BChloride¡BCalcium¡BPhosphorus¡BMicroalbumin¡BIron¡BTIBC¡BAlcohol¡BAmmonia¡Bhs-CRP¡BRF.....
Introduction: The DxC 700 AU delivers increased uptime, high reliability and precise performance to mid- to large-sized laboratories and hospitals. Its flexible design offers standalone operation or connectivity to laboratory automation systems. With throughput of up to 800 photometric tests per hour (up to 1,200 with ISEs) and 63 onboard parameters, the DxC 700 AU delivers reliability and efficiency to laboratories around the world.

2. Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer :Roche Cobas e411
Inspecting item¡GTroponin-I¡BCK-MB¡BNT-proBNP...
Introduction¡Gcobas e411 offers rapid STAT and turnaround time, an on-board capacity of 18 tests and throughput of up to 88 tests per hour.

3. Automatic immunoassay analyzer :Biomerieux Vidas 3
Inspecting item¡GProcalcitonin(PCT)...
(1)VIDAS 3 is a fully automated benchtop immunoassay system based on the proven enzyme-linked fluorescent assay (ELFA) technology, for high quality on-demand test results.
(2)Specialty menu in single-test format for the diagnosis of sepsis, infectious diseases, and pregnancy.
(3)On-demand testing: 1 patient, 1 test, 1 result.
(4)Ready-to-use reagents.
(5)All components needed for the test included in the kit: only 1 order reference per test.
(6)Rapid results: from 17 to 90 minutes.
4. Automatic blood gas analyzer Roche Cobas b 221
Inspection items: Blood gas, Blood CO...
Brief introduction:
(1) Benchtop analyzer who gives s lab-quality results in less than 2 minutes.
(2)Comprehensive testing menu covers 18 of the most important-care blood parameters: blood gases, elect Rolytes, co-oximetry and metabolites.
(3)Long-life, maintenance-free electrodes and minimal-preventative maintenance.

(Upper Left)Beckman Coulter DXC 700AU<br>(Upper Right)Roche Cobas e411
  • (Upper Left)Beckman Coulter DXC 700AU
    (Upper Right)Roche Cobas e411
  • Biomerieux Vidas 3
  • Biomerieux Vidas 3
  • Roche Cobas b 221
  • Roche Cobas b 221
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