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Precautions for patients with abdominal emergency after returning home from emergency room

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Emergency Medicine

1. Get more rest, don't do tiring activities or strenuous exercise.
2. Take the medicine as directed by your doctor.
3. If you can eat, please take a light and easy-to-digest diet.
4. If there is no special condition within two days, please go to the gastroenterology clinic for follow-up.
5. Please return to the emergency room if you have the following signs:
(1) Increased vomiting symptoms
(2) Change from no abdominal distension and pain to abdominal distension or stiffness
(3) Abdominal pain has not been relieved and worsened
(4) Pain in the right lower abdomen
(5) Vomiting blood or relieving blood in stool
(6) Concurrent dizziness or fainting
(7) Shortness of breath
(8) Body temperature exceeds 39ąJ

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