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[2021-05-12] 20210512 Keelung Hospital celebrates the International Nurses Day and commends 42 nurses[Hospital] 8
[2021-05-07] 20210507 Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare assisted the crew of the Explorer Dream to vaccinate against COVID-19 at their own expense[Hospital] 8
[2021-05-05] 20210505 Fo Guang Shan Kek Lok Temple presents Buddha birthday cakes to pray for the medical staff of Keelung Hospital[Hospital] 8
[2021-05-04] 20210504 Seen as sick, 4 nurses from Keelung Hospital were personally commended by Minister Chen Shizhong[Hospital] 11
[2021-05-04] 20210504 Maintain your and my oral health Keelung Hospital celebrates Dentist's Day[Hospital] 8
[2021-05-03] 20210503 Keelung Hospital "Heart Kong Club" helps mental rehabilitation students set sail from the "heart"[Hospital] 7
[2021-04-28] 20210428 A good choice for the treatment of biliary stones: endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)[Hospital] 8
[2021-04-21] 20210421 self-funded COVID-19 vaccine starts, people praise Keelung Hospital for good service[Hospital] 8
[2021-04-19] 20210419 Description of the service provided by this hospital for vaccinating the COVID-19 vaccine at the public's own expense[Hospital] 7
[2021-04-15] 20210415 Volunteer Service Enriches Life, Essential Doctor Celebrates 90th Birthday for Senior Volunteers[Hospital] 8
[2021-04-12] 20210412 On 4/12, the second and third categories of subjects will be vaccinated against COVID-19. Lin Youchang leads the city government team to Bujishi to fight[Hospital] 6
[2021-04-09] 20210409 Keelung Hospital silently mourns the victims of the Taroko accident[Hospital] 7
[2021-04-06] 20210406 Improve the fighting capacity of epidemic prevention, the director of Keelung Hospital rate medical staff to administer COVID-19 vaccine[Hospital] 8
[2021-04-01] 20210401 Keelung Hospital celebrated Social Work Day, the dean presented cakes to comfort colleagues[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-29] 20210329 Compassionately guarding the medical care of Keelung Hospital[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-26] 20210326 Welcome to perfection Keelung Hospital is the best backing for you and your baby[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-24] 20210324 health food is to eat peace of mind or eat healthily? The doctor teaches you to eat smartly and keep safe[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-22] 20210322 Five-star care Evergreen cheers for the medical care of Keelung Hospital[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-12] 20210312 Celebrate 312 Arbor Day and create the back garden of Keelung Hospital after the epidemic[Hospital] 8
[2021-03-05] 20210305 Keelung Hospital will provide services for citizens to apply for self-financed COVID-19 (Wuhan pneumonia) inspections[Hospital] 8
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