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20210910 Dizziness is actually the fault of migraine! ?

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Mr. Chen is 58 years old this year. He maintains the good habit of not smoking and drinking, and he does not have chronic diseases of the third grade. He is a healthy baby except that he sometimes gets headaches the next day after staying up late. After working overtime for several days and staying up late, Mr. Chen woke up in the morning and felt a little uncomfortable. He was still ready to go to work. Unexpectedly, his head became more and more dizzy. He was spinning around and sweating, and even fed his breakfast to the toilet... He hurried to seek medical advice and asked the doctor for assistance. After a detailed examination, he was diagnosed with "vestibular migraine". After returning home to rest and taking the medicine on time, Mr. Chen gradually improved after 3 days and returned to his normal life after 1 week.

Li Tingyi, a physician from the Department of Neurology, Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pointed out that migraine is a constitution with genetic predisposition, and it is also one of the common diseases of women. When the neurotransmitter in the brain is out of balance, it will activate the pain nerve in the brain and cause migraine. A typical migraine is a unilateral, pulsating headache, combined with symptoms such as photophobia and noise, nausea or vomiting.

Dr. Li Tingyi said that about 40% of migraine patients do not suffer from headaches or only mild headaches when they are unwell. Instead, they are mainly dizzy. This is called "vestibular migraine." Although the symptoms are very different from migraine, the cause is the imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

When "vestibular migraine" attacks, various dizziness may occur, such as persistent nausea and swelling, persistent dizziness, dizziness when suddenly lying down or getting up. The combined symptoms include mild headaches or abnormal hearing, which are less common. People suffering from "vestibular migraine" can be effectively controlled if they maintain good living habits, but they are prone to attacks when they are in poor physical condition, and can affect daily life in severe cases.

The factors that induce "vestibular migraine" include mood, sleep, stress, hormones (such as menopause, menstrual cycle, or ovulation, etc.), food (such as cheese, red wine, preserved products or chocolate, etc.), and environment (such as climate change) , Loud or high-frequency sounds, flashing lights, etc.), drugs (such as contraceptives) are possible. Everyone has different predisposing factors and may have multiple predisposing factors. If the predisposing factors can be avoided, the onset of vestibular migraine can be effectively avoided.

Dr. Li Tingyi said that although "vestibular migraine" is considered a benign disease, it cannot be cured, and there is still the possibility of recurrence. It is recommended that patients should maintain a balanced diet and adequate sleep, maintain regular exercise habits, and develop regular vestibular rehabilitation exercises. Dr. Li Tingyi also reminded the public that if they have headaches, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible to seize the opportunity for treatment.

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  • 20210910 Dizziness is actually the fault of migraine! ?
  • ImageĄG20210910 Dizziness is actually the fault of migraine! ? (Open New Window)
  • 20210910 Dizziness is actually the fault of migraine! ?
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