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20210719 Epidemic prevention by specialist nurses in Keelung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the medical staff who were originally not easy to work, have added a lot of anti-epidemic services in response to the epidemic, and have been under a lot of pressure... Every bit of epidemic prevention.

A nurse at Keelung Hospital's Department of Internal Medicine said that seeing the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan finally beginning to decline, he couldn't help but think of the work situation these days. From the government's launch of the COVID-19 vaccination plan to the knowledge of the confirmed cases in Keelung City, the number of beds in the special ward has changed from 1 to 3 beds in 109 to May 110, and to 20 to 40 beds in less than a week. The last 60 beds. Thank you for the full support of the hospital along the way and the support of the teammates of the gods. Thank you to many people for their warm heart and guarding the medical staff, and for constantly cheering and cheering.

The college teacher also said sadly, "In the face of disease, life appears insignificantly fragile." One day she was chatting with a confirmed patient who was about to be transferred for treatment, hoping to alleviate the hesitation and anxiety in her uncle's heart. Uncle said that his wife passed away very early. He lived frugally all his life, and he managed to grow up the children and let them all have their own houses. Uncle thought, the children are married, and he can finally use his savings to lead a more comfortable life and enjoy the fun of sweet-smelling grandchildren. Unexpectedly, he was just going to listen to a song with his friends, but he was infected with COVID-19. The college teacher encouraged his uncle not to be discouraged and to cooperate with the treatment. The family members were still waiting for him to be discharged from the hospital for reunion. Unexpectedly, two weeks later, there was news that his uncle had passed away.

There is also a couple who have both been diagnosed and admitted to the hospital for treatment, and they will tell their doctors in advance that they will give up first aid if anything happens. Because the old man was suffering from cancer, he was transferred to the intensive care unit once critically. Fortunately, the old man's condition improved in the end, and the couple recovered and were discharged from the hospital one after another. There are also grandmothers suffering from dementia who have just arrived in an unfamiliar environment without familiar people and things to accompany them, making grandma quite anxious. Therefore, the nurse will turn on the ward microphone every 3 minutes to talk to grandma, so that she can feel at ease. More psychiatric confirmed patients cannot bear to be confined to the negative pressure ward for treatment. When doctors and nurses make rounds, they will want to take the opportunity to leave the ward in a state of emergency.

During this period of time, daily rolling assessment of patients and adjustment of the treatment process (for example: steroids, remdesivir, Qingguan No. 1, monoclonal antibodies, etc.), thank you for the support of your teammates, in order to survive this difficult day . Colleagues cheer and help each other. The entire medical team of Keelung Hospital is our strongest backing. No matter on weekdays or holidays, we see the dean alone patrolling the operations of various nursing stations and units, sending various fruits to supplement the nutrition of the colleagues; the secretary encourages them with a warm smile We; as well as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, radiologists, respiratory therapists, sensory supervisors, etc., even social workers have become the window of hospital love and anti-epidemic materials, helping enthusiastic people, benevolent people and groups, and warming their hearts. Food that warms the stomach, and anti-epidemic materials that are practical and indispensable are delivered to the units and colleagues in need. Thank you for your protection, so that every corner of the hospital is filled with the brilliance of love.

As the medical staff of the high-risk unit of the hospital, the college teachers need to perform PCR tests on a regular basis every week to ensure their health, so that they can devote themselves to caring for patients. Thank you for your family's support and for the constant messages of concern from your friends. Also, thank you all for cooperating with government policies and working together to prevent the epidemic during the epidemic prevention period. Come on, everyone, let's work through this epidemic together.

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  • 20210719 Epidemic prevention by specialist nurses in Keelung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • ImageĄG20210719 Epidemic prevention by specialist nurses in Keelung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare (Open New Window)
  • 20210719 Epidemic prevention by specialist nurses in Keelung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
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