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20210706 The family members of the patient are grateful for the care of Keelung Hospital

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Today (7/6) City Councillor Zheng Wenting assisted the public in donating 100 lunch boxes to medical staff in Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The dean Lin Qingfeng and secretary Li Lingmei, the director of the nursing department Yao Wenzhen and the director of the social work room Cai Shenghua accepted and expressed their gratitude.

There is a heart-warming story behind this benevolent deed. The 92-year-old grandmother Wu, surnamed Wu, suffered a stroke after a hip fracture in 109. She is under the care of doctors and nurses at Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. After a year of rehabilitation, Grandma was semi-paralyzed and unable to take care of herself, but now she can eat by herself. Grandma's children are very grateful to the medical team of Keelung Hospital for their careful care. During the epidemic, I saw that the medical staff worked so hard, so I entrusted Mr Cheng to help donate 100 lunch boxes to support the medical care. In the past, you took care of us, and today we are here to support the medical care.

Lin Qingfeng, the director of Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, expressed his gratitude to the many enthusiastic and low-key people during this period who donated materials directly or through donations. We have all received your love. The Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare will continue to provide high-quality medical services, and also remind the public that the epidemic prevention should not be slack, everyone, come on!

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