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20210514 Start from the heart with you Keelung Hospital celebrates the Clinical Psychologist's Day

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May 15 is the Clinical Psychologist's Day. Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare took this festive season to comfort the team of clinical psychologists. Dean Lin Qingfeng personally led Deputy Dean Luo Jingquan, Secretary Li Lingmei and other department heads to present exquisite cakes and blessings.

Lin Qingfeng, Dean of Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that clinical psychologists use the knowledge they have learned to assess the mental state of patients according to their characteristics, and improve clinical skills to improve the symptoms, behaviors and personality characteristics of patients, so that patients in distress can develop and maintain Positive, positive and healthy attitude. The medical team can also use the professional insights provided by the clinical psychologist team and the results of the patient's psychological evaluation as a reference basis for treatment, so that the medical effect will be more complete.

The clinical psychologist team of Keelung Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare actively participates in and supports the psychological health education group of the hospital, and cooperates with the policy to handle various public services; it also does not hesitate to share, promote and pass on clinical practice work experience with relevant units or groups. The psychiatrist colleagues also continue to diligently learn, actively absorb new knowledge, integrate the theoretical perspectives of various schools of psychotherapy to conduct psychological evaluations for patients, accompany the patients, and start from the heart together.

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