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[2020-03-23] The nursing home[Nursing Home] 90
[2020-03-23] The nursing home won the 2014 general nursing home in Keelung City.[Nursing Home] 92
[2020-03-21] Monthly Staff Birthday Celebration March 2020[Medical Laboratory] 87
[2020-02-11] Monthly Staff Birthday Celebration February 2020[Medical Laboratory] 101
[2020-02-01] Introduction to our new Medical Technologist[Medical Laboratory] 97
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center°jPrecautions regarding the of health inspection official report application.[Health Management Center] 106
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center°jAbout the registration fee of the hospital has been change.[Health Management Center] 95
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center°jThis hospital does not have tuberculosis subcutaneous test (PPD TEST), if necessary, please consult other hospital.[Health Management Center] 104
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center°jThe hospitals[Health Management Center] 150
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center°jImportant Announcement on Occupational illness Health Check and Special Health Check of Labour.[Health Management Center] 97
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center °jNo Taipower.co nuclear power plant health checks on Saturday.[Health Management Center] 93
[2020-01-21] °iHealth Management Center °jSaturday health check-up clinic stop registration time to change.[Health Management Center] 105
[2020-01-09] Farewell celebrations for Retired employee: Ting-Ru Lu, December 2019[Medical Laboratory] 105
[2020-01-09] Farewell celebrations for Retired employee: Si-jin Huang, December 2019[Medical Laboratory] 105
[2020-01-02] Monthly Staff Birthday Celebration, January 2020[Medical Laboratory] 102
[2019-12-23] Monthly Staff Birthday Celebration December 2019[Medical Laboratory] 107
[2019-11-21] Our hospital offers a rotavirus vaccine for paediatrics.[Pediatrics] 79
[2019-11-18] 1966 Long-Term Care Service to Your Home[Administrative Center] 122
[2019-11-14] 2019 Award of Excellent Clinical Teacher[Medical Laboratory] 109
[2019-11-14] 2019 Award of Excellent employee[Medical Laboratory] 100
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