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1.Ethical dimensions in the health professions (Ruth Purtilo)
2.Legal medicine (S. Sandy Sanbar°K[et al.])
3.Medical law & ethics (Bonnie F. Fremgen)
4.Crossing the quality chasm: a new health system for the 21st century (Committee on Quality of health care in America)
5.A century of psychiatry (edited by Hugh Freeman)
6.Practical ethics for general practice (Wendy A. Rogers ; Annette J. Braunack-Mayer)
7.The Birth of bioethics (Albert R. Jonsen)
8.Clinical ethics (Albert R. Jonsen ; Mark Siegler ; William J. Winslade)
9.Nursing ethics (Elsie Bandman ; Bertram Bandman)
10.To Err is human (Linda T. Kohn ; Janet Corrigan ; Molla S. Donaldson)
11.Clone (Gina Bari Kolata)
12.Patient safety (Philip Aspden)
13.Law and risk management in dental practice (Burton R. Pollack)
14.Pathology and law (Gregory G. Davis)
15.Ethics and law for school psychologists (Susan Jacob-Timm ; Timothy S. Hartshorne)
16.Ethics and the metaphysics of medicine (Kenneth A. Richman)
17.Ethics and evidence-based medicine (Kenneth W. Gookman)
18.Health care ethics (Kath M. Melia)
19.Pharmaceutical ethics (Sam Salek ; Andrew Edgar)
20.Medical ethics today: the BMA°¶s handbook of ethics and law (Veronica English)
21.Code of medical ethics 2004-2005ed (American Medical Association)
22.Ethical dimensions in the health professions (Ruth B. Purtilo)
23.Essentials of teaching and learning in nursing ethics (Anne J. Davis ; Verena Tschudin ; louise de Raeve)

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