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Keelung Hospital Management System Management Seminar
  •  Keelung Hospital Management System Management Seminar
  • Founded in 1888 (Kuang Hsu Year 24, Ching Dynasty), Keelung Hospital has more than one hundred year history and is one of the affiliated hospitals of National Health Administration in possession of Japanese colonization buildings. At that time, the hospital was located in the small temple of Shou Kong School, which is currently named Ren Ai Elementary School. It was small and poorly equipped. Two years later, the newly finished buildings were located at the current location, called Taiwan National Keelung Hospital. There were Departments of Medicine, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, ENT, X-ray room, inspection room, administrative unit and 85 sickbeds. One medical director and one administrative director assisted the president respectively in the medical and administrative fields.
    June 1945, Taiwan was under serious bombing by the allies, and the hospital's buildings were damaged badly¡Xonly one third of them could function. On December 25th, the Japanese army surrendered, and Taiwan was restored. Mr. Liu-shin Lin was designated to be the first president of the hospital by the government on Nov.11. Since then, the hospital was called Taiwan National Keelung Hospital. First, the departments of Medicine and Surgery were set up. Next, the hospital was fully equipped step by step, and the buildings were repaired. By January 1947, there were the departments of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, X-ray rooms, inspection rooms, and 28 temporary sickbeds.
    April 1948, Mr. Gin-Mao Wang, took the position of the second president at the hospital. With the US Aids and local governmental allowance, more patient rooms, dorms, and storage rooms were built, and the system of emergency room and resident doctor were established in order to serve the patients 24 hours a day. July 1955, Keelung Hospital was designated to be a teaching hospital by National Taiwan University Hospital. Interns were from National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Medical Hospital, and China Medical College.
    February 1968, Mr. Yu Chen, the third president, had the dorms for doctor reconstructed and sank the well to solve the problem of draught, was retired one year later from his inauguration.
    September 1969, Mr. Ging-tsai Wang, the fourth president took the position. To provide the best service for the residents in the suburb of Keelung, Mr. Wang provided treatment free of charge. Also, his medical group held regular patriot travel at fixed locations around Taipei County, including towns like Re Fang, Ping Si, Gong Liao, Won Li, Kim San, Shi Men, and San Chi. Moreover. After Typhoon Vera hit the island, Mr. Wang repaired the rooftop of dorms constructions. Meanwhile, owing to disasters such as landslides, car accidents, and coalmine accidents stroked in Keelung, Mr. Wang decided to construct an Emergency Room Building, more sickrooms, and intensive care unit by fund raised by his own to meet the demand from various industrial fields.
    May 1982, Mr. Da-tsung Lin, the fifth president at the hospital, successively dedicated his efforts to have more medical equipments. The construction of rehabilitation center was completed. Initiated the out patient treatment and hospitalization for the Department of rehabilitation and the out patient treatment of Orthopedics, set up pulmonary treatment room, therapy room, and hygienic instruction rooms. Also rebuilt the diet kitchen, cafeteria, and dorms for nurse, and the roof, door and windows for old buildings were reconstructed. Also, he set up the department of Chinese Medicine and built Medical Building.
    August 1987, Mr. Tsung-yao Gian became the sixth president of the hospital. He set up the department of Psychosis, build day-time sickrooms, organized the department of Chinese Medicine, and conducted health inspection partly subsidized by the government. Furthermore, he assigned doctors to assist the local Medicare and Medicare in prisons. He finished the construction of medical building and the restoration of old buildings, built crematory and sewage disposal, promoted the computerization of the hospital, finished the construction of on-line pharmacy, bought kidney machines and computerized tomography. He organized cooperative course associated with National Taiwan University and affiliated Hospital.
    November 1995, Mr. Kun-Hwei, Huang took the position of the seventh president at the hospital. Under the target to computerize the hospital business, Keelung Hospital became the first hospital that provided internet on-line appointment service. He constructed the Psychosis Medical Building, built acute psychosis sickrooms, planned to set up chronic psychosis sickrooms to realize the psychosis Medicare. He raised an adequate budget to rebuild Medical Building, Administration Building; renovated sickrooms, out patient rooms, pharmacy, inspection rooms, and the department of radiology. Notable endeavors were contributed to project the moving line and shorten the operational procedure, to renovate the Rehabilitation Building, to plan and establish a nursing home; to enhance the cooperative course associated with National Taiwan University Hospital, and foster the interaction with Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Taipei Municipal Hospital for Women and Children, and Taipei Municipal Chung-Hsiao Hospital. Under close work with Shin Tai Hospital and by means of increased medical equipments, Respiratory Medical Center, Hyperbaric Oxygen Center and the unique Scald Center in Keelung were established.
    In addition, he built a medical dorm on Shin-yi Road, recruited outstanding professional, encouraged physicians to do research and publish papers, elevated the quality of Medicare, held press conference and community hygienic conference, conveyed medical common sense among the public, collaborate with local medical units to provide in-home medical service, and promoted community medical service and elderly Medicare. July 1999, Taiwan National Keelung Hospital was affiliated to National Health Administration owing to political reformation.
    When hospital director Chen Jin-Tang reaffirmed our vision ¡§to provide a fully-functioning teaching hospital that is the most trustworthy in the Greater Keelung area,¡¨ he expressed the hospital¡¦s objectives as follows:
    1.Implement all government-stipulated medical and sanitation policies in order to protect public health.
    2.Pass down history, cultivate human resources, offer care to the feeble, and create ties with the community.
    3.Provide clinical, emergency and long-term care and become a ¡§health recovery station¡¨ for everyone.
    4.Implement the ¡§three goods and one just¡¨ principle: good service, good equipment, good recovery
    And just prices and build a culture of quality with ¡§smiles, polite talk, ready to bow to customers, and efficiency.¡¨
    We have established comprehensive out-patient medical services, extra care facilities, post-natal clinic, respiratory care clinic, a physical examination section, MRI examination clinic, and separate vascular and cardiology clinics. These are in line with our continuing efforts to upgrade service quality and to simplify procedures. To this end, we have also created an in-patient service center that allows patients to handle payment in the comfort of their hospital room beds.
    In our continued effort to strengthen hospital services we have fortified out-patient medical services, rehabilitation, pediatric, and ear-nose-and-throat care.
    We have made improvements in medical service quality, having obtained key accreditations. We have accreditation for physical examination of foreign laborers and professionals, obtained HACCP approval, and the CNLA/Taiwan accreditation, as well as applicable ISO emergency room and dialysis approval. We have also begun to follow the balanced score card (BSC) performance measurement standards for Chinese hospitals and obtained the 2002 Executive Yuan service quality award.
    Octobor 2003, Mr. Mau-Hwa Lee, became the ninth president of the hospital, he made his effort for finish the construction of the following: medical dormitory building, psychiatric day care center, psychiatric community rehabilitation center, motor rehabilitation center, infection control ward, medical ward, emergency ward, Build-operation-transfer for urinary incontinence center, Chinese herb infirmary, and got the Kin-Fu National Quality Award of Execution Yuan at 2004. Now he is continuous to promote The Quality of Patient Safety.
    December 2009, Mr. Yuan-Fun Lee, became the tenth president of the hospital
    December 2009, Mr. Ching-Feng Lin, became president of the hospital
    Superintendent Ching-Feng Lin
  •  Superintendent Ching-Feng Lin

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